About me


My name is Brandi Weber and I am the owner of The Hanger.

I am a mother to two beautiful & busy little girls,(Aria and Jaya) and wife to my supporting hubby, Michael- who has taught me to reach for the stars!!

In 2012 I opened up my very own hair salon, The Hair Lounge, In St. Walburg Sask. After 7 years of business I decided to expand and utilise the other half of the building and turn it into a boutique. (My 2 loves). My dream of owning a ladies boutique became a reality in Aug of 2019.

I’ve always had a love for the beauty industry and making woman feel there absolute best in every way possible, through hair and fashion!!

 Being a young entrepreneur in a small town has its own set of challenges; but I do love being a part of such an amazing little community and how much we all support each other!

We hope you truly enjoy your shopping experience at The Hanger.

❤️ Brandi.